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Top Crypto Markets of September 2016 – Where Are They Now?

Looking at a snapshot of the top cryptocurrency markets by market capitalization from the 25th of September 2016 shows that whilst the three largest markets remain the same, only two other cryptocurrencies still retain their top ten ranking today.

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Top 3 Markets by Capitalization Retain Rankings

In two years, the price of BTC has gained roughly 980%, rising from $602.89 USD on the 25th of September, 2016, to approximately $6,500 as of this writing. BTC has held an uninterrupted reign as the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, growing from approximately $9.5 billion during September 2016 to $112.9 billion today.

The second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Ethereum, has gained approximately 1,550% since trading for roughly $13 two years ago, with ETH at $215 as of this writing. The market capitalization of Ethereum has grown from $1.1 billion 24 months ago to $22.3 billion.

XRP has seen among the highest price gains of the leading crypto markets since September 2016, gaining 6,880% from $0.007391 to $0.515865 today. XRP’s market cap has grown from $262 million to $20.5 billion.

LTC and XMR Fall from Top 5

On September 25th, 2016, Litecoin was the fourth largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of $181.14 million. Today, LTC is the seventh largest cryptocurrency with a capitalization of $3.4 billion and is trading for $58 – a roughly 1,425% gain over 2016’s price of $3.80.

In the last two years, Monero has fallen from the fifth-ranked cryptocurrency with a market cap of $136.2 million to the tenth ranked crypto with a capitalization of $1.9 billion. XMR has seen price gains of nearly 1,000% in 24 months, growing from $10.50 to $115.

Steem Posts Weakest 24-Month Price Gains

Ethereum Classic has fallen from the top ten largest cryptocurrency markets since 2016. Then ranked sixth with a capitalization of nearly $105 million, ETC is now fifteenth with a market cap of $1.16 billion. ETC has gained 780% from $1.25 two years ago to approximately $11 today.

Steem has suffered a significant fall in its ranking by market cap, dropping from seventh two years ago with $95.2 million, to today be ranked thirty-fourth with a capitalization of $280.5 million. Steem has seen the weakest price gains of the top ten markets of September 2016, growing roughly 60% from $0.617 to $1 today.

DASH and NEM Slide from Top 10

Two years ago, Dash was the eighth largest crypto market with a capitalization of $78 million. As of this writing, Dash is ranked eleventh with a market cap of $1.57 million and is trading for $189 after gaining 1,540% in 24 months from $11.54.

On September 25th, 2016, Nem was the ninth largest cryptocurrency with a capitalization of $46.3 million, with XEM tokens trading for $0.005153 each. Today, Nem is ranked eighteenth by market cap with $844 million and has gained over 1,700% to trade for $0.093783.

Maidsafecoin Falls from Top 50 by Market Cap

Maidsafecoin has seen the largest slide in its market cap ranking since September 2016, falling from tenth with $39.4 million to sixtieth with nearly $109.5 million today. MAID has posted two-year price gains of roughly 180%, growing from $0.087132 to $0.241936.

Where do you think today’s top ten largest cryptocurrencies will rank in 2020? Share your predictions in the comments section below!

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