On April 27, the world bore witness to something historic, something unforeseen by many. On April 27, the leaders from North and South Korea met and signed a peace agreement. Now, the world has been informed that this declaration of peace has been permanently recorded. Not on a camera, either. It has been recorded on the ethereum blockchain. 

Meeting Between Korean Leaders Recorded on Ethereum Blockchain

According to a report from CoinDesk, a game developer in South Korea coded the Panmunjom Declaration. He stored it in two ethereum transactions. The 27-year old coded both the English and Korean version of the declaration on the ethereum blockchain, including the line that states there shall be no more war on the Korean peninsula.

This is major news for two reasons, in particular. The first of which being that April 27th was the first time South and North Korean leaders have shaken hands in decades. On top of that, this historic moment, the moment the Korean war was declared over, was recorded on the ethereum blockchain. Interesting, right? Even Ryu, the developer who coded the peace declaration, recognizes the significance of what he has done. After finding out he could contribute to the historic moment, Ryu reportedly found the declaration and recorded it on the ethereum blockchain. The game developer is said to have been inspired by the #MeToo movement in China. 

The Ethereum Blockchain Takeaway

This is not the first time the ethereum network has been in the news this week. In fact, just yesterday, the co-founder of ethereum hinted that the network will be getting a sharding improvement soon. This will ultimately increase the number of transactions that the ethereum blockchain can do at one time. The co-founder hinted the news on both Twitter and Reddit, attracting a variety of opinions on the matter while doing so.  

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